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Port Royal: 16400

less than 1 minute read

I received my LN2 pot from Kingpin Cooling and was able to push to 16400 using dry ice. As of writing, I’m sitting at 27th in the world!

Goodbye, Pcie Passthrough

7 minute read

So I finally migrated my Gaming and work stations off my homelab, and removed it’s GPUs. While it was a really fun project, I decided that it was no longer w...

Port Royal: 15729

less than 1 minute read

Port Royal: 15729. Currently in 58th place overall on the 3dmark hall of fame. Not too shabby.

The Racecar: Port Royal: 14225

less than 1 minute read

I put up a new page for my “racecar” build. It’s worth a read. I’ll push updates here as I get closer to records or personal bests.

My Homelab

9 minute read

I’m really trying to post at least one thing a week.